Can the sticker malfunction?

Activation of the sticker is based upon a simple principle: the substance melts at certain high temperature. It is identical to snow melting. When the pavement is covered with snow it's white. Once the sun comes out the snow melts and the pavement turns black. The temperature drops below zero but still the pavement remains black. For the pavement to turn white again the snow should fall. In our case it means that you are supposed to place a new sticker.


Why do I need such sticker if I have a thermal imager?

A thermal imager gives information only about current temperatures. Overheating occurs because of operating at full capacity. If the equipment overheats not only at launch but in normal working conditions that means ongoing malfunction and the need of repair. In addition, the sticker is always visible, so the problem could be detected by any worker.


How do you expect me to install a thousand of stickers? Shut down a plant?

There is no need to shut down. Supply repair personnel with the stickers so they can place it every time during stops for maintenance or repair.


Equipment with what voltage class could be fitted with the sticker?

Any voltage classes.


There are huge number of places to apply stickers. Installation turns very expensive probably?

Price of the sticker varies from 0.5 to 5.0 EUR depending on its size and purpose. There can be hundreds of spots to control. But every sticker could prevent such bad events as equipment malfunction and total shutdown with damage costs a thousand times higher than stickers' price.


My motor is equipped with thermal protection.
It doesn’t heat over 40°C. Why do I need a sticker?

For example, a motor drives a pump or a chemical apparatus. Increase of temperature by 20°C indicates that significantly more force is required for the same amount of work. It can occur due to multiple reasons and though may be not a threat to motor, it still can cause downtime.

The following rule must be implemented: while performing maintenance, place a sticker. For managers white colour indicates everything is in working order. For line staff  black colour is a call to action.


Can a sticker be washed or cleaned?

Though the sticker is water resistant, it can be damaged by a brush or high-pressure water jets. Cover the sticker with tape to protect it while cleaning the equipment.


What is expiration time for a sticker?

10 years.


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