About us


From complex to simple


We are for simple solutions. They may be based on advanced technologies but the products themselves are simple and intuitive.

Our products are patented in more than 40 countries. We are proud that for the most part we do not have close analogues and competitors.

Lesiv company is a team of scientists of different specializations:




Power engineers



We create and manufacture non-standard products to ensure everyday safety at home and at work. Our signature color is yellow. This is the color of the warning. All our developments are aimed at informing about the first signs of a malfunction and prevent misfortune.


Our products are installed in the places of presence of the first persons of the state, equipped with venues for holding International forums and summits, children's institutions, the most critical sections of chemical plants and strategic facilities.

We are responsible for the quality!

Therefore, we name all our products by the name of their inventors, emphasizing personal responsibility for the decisions that we create for you.


Our mission is to fill your life with calm and confidence in the future!


With care for you and your safety,

Alexey Lesiv